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Who We Are

Fabugit is an IT company specializing in delivering innovative technology solutions that drive significant value for our clients. Our main products are: SaleEazy (a Point-Of-Sale application), InnTul (a hotel management application), Dealique (an Escrow application), and PupilPass (an RFID-powered Pupils’ Pickup/Dropoff Tracker), which are used by businesses to streamline operations and enhance revenue. These products form the foundation of our business, and we continually improve them to meet the evolving needs of our users.

Additionally, we provide supportive services such as web and mobile solutions, design (graphics, product & UI/UX), and customer support to complement our product offerings. These services also help our clients maximize the benefits of our primary products.

Clients choose us because:

  • Our products help streamline business operations, reduce overhead costs, and increase revenue.
  • Delivering perfect and timely results is one of our biggest priorities.
  • Our professional team delivers innovative, creative, and customized solutions tailored to client needs.
  • We offer fair and transparent pricing, ensuring our customers get the best value.

What We Do

We don’t just serve the industry - We’re part of the industry and build technology that is used worldwide

Web Development

From custom software development to CMS-powered websites, our developers write elegant, responsive code effectively and efficiently in a diverse tech stacks

Digital Marketing

We deliver a personal, passionate & tailored digital marketing service to each and every one of our clients. Our digital marketing methods enable your business to improve its online visibility through better SEO, and the power of social media

Mobile Development

iOS, Android, cross-platform solutions, you name it, we can help you build or update and deliver a mobile app experience you can be excited about and that users will love

Brand Identity

We create a wide range of designs that cut across brand identity (such as logos, business cards, flyers, letterhead papers, e-magazines, newsletter, email templates, etc) that ensure your brand comprehensively captures your essence for key audiences

Customer Support

Our goal is to analyze and solve the strategic or routine IT problems our customers have, thereby eliminating workflow pain points and achieving results in record time

UI/UX Design

In web design, form and function should be in harmony. We believe in human-centered customer experiences across any ecosystem of digital products being developed, technology transformation or marketing efforts. Simply put, we design & build lovely application interfaces


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How We Work

Before you hire Fabugit, our associates can give you feedback on your project, budget, plan. Below are steps we follow to deliver a top-notch result

Research, Plan and Strategy

First, we start by understanding your core business objectives and outlining a high level plan to achieve your goals and remove as many conditions of uncertainty as possible. We define:

  • The nature of the challenge
  • The plan for dealing with the challenge
  • Actions or next steps designed to execute the plan

Design & Architecture

In this stage we:

  • Build design templates that our client can view to ensure we're both on track
  • Review designs with our engineering team
  • Determine best fit software development architecture

If designs exist already, no problem! We will evaluate them for completeness and qualify them to make sure that all the functionality required is present. Our in-house design team has you covered if we need to chip in.



Development is kicked off with a call with you, the project manager and developers restating objectives and confirming how we will communicate. Each of our engineering teams is paired with a senior tech lead, who liaises with your project manager. All projects in the company are overseen by the solutions architect so you are never without support if issues arise. Tech leads have eight to fifteen years’ experience and we limit them to a set number of projects at any given time to ensure quality stays high.



We support your team through launch and handle everything from server setup to data storage and deployment. If your software application requires deployment to the app store, we take care of that process for you.



When you are ready to launch your project to the world, we will work with you to mitigate launch risks. We plan resources around hyper-care and prep infrastructure as appropriate. Going forward, we can accept feedback, structuring the rollout of new features, handle support inquiries and tackle any new features required by your users, staying flexible as your business grows.



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